5 Best Places To Go For Backpackers

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December 2, 2016
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Backpacking is a popular recreational activity that involves traveling or hiking while carrying one’s belongings using a backpack. Backpackers camp or use inexpensive lodges for accommodation. They usually travel for longer durations compared to typical holiday goers. Backpackers are more interested in meeting locals, sightseeing, hiking, etc. as opposed to spending time in luxury hotels like typical holiday goers. This makes backpacking unmatched in terms of adventure and cost.

There are many great places for backpacking globally. Our interest here will, however, be on the best of the best backpacking destinations in the world. Below are the 5 best places to go for backpackers in the world. The list includes places that are most conducive for backpackers in regards to cost, scenery/adventure, safety, etc.

  1. Nepal

Nepal is the best (if not the best) backpacking destinations for backpackers on a budget. Nepal also stands out in regards to scenery and adventure. Nepal, which borders India and Tibet is home to the highest mountain in the world (Mount Everest). This makes Nepal a backpacking paradise for backpackers interested in the ultimate mountain climbing and hiking experiences. Nepal is also home to the Garden of Dreams. There’s more to see i.e. the Durga Temple, Shankar Acharya Gate, and Clock tower. For those interested in a more spiritual backpacking experience, Nepal is home to Lumbini (Lord Buddha’s birth place). The cost of living is also very low making the country perfect for backpackers. Nepal also has favorable policies for tourism. Nepal is definitely a world-class backpacking paradise.


  1. Thailand

Thailand also stands out as one of the best places to go for backpackers who want to experience rich culture and world-class cuisine in exotic tropical islands at affordable prices. Thailand is home to some of the best tropical islands in the world. The country also has architectural masterpieces and temples with a rich history. The people are also very friendly, and the country has great food (both street food and cuisines). Thailand also has plenty of entertainment spots all over the country including the islands. In a nutshell, you can never go wrong when you choose Thailand as your ideal backpacking destination. The country is ideal for backpackers in every sense.

  1. Indonesia

Indonesia is another great backpacking destination. Like Thailand, Indonesia has plenty of islands that leave backpackers spoiled for choice. Indonesia is, therefore, great for backpackers interested in unmatched tropical experiences. Backpackers can surf, fish, snorkel, hike, camp and engage in many other activities at very affordable prices. It is possible to enjoy most of what Indonesia has to offer backpackers on a budget. Although transport can easily add up when hopping from one island to the other, Indonesia is still unmatched in many aspects. Besides, it is possible to control transport costs by concentrating experiences on adjacent islands.

  1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica may be one of the most costly destinations in Central America. However, the country is a backpackers haven given its incredible biodiversity, beautiful shorelines, active volcanoes and natural hot springs. It is possible to cut costs by considering local spots over tourist spots for meals and engaging in budget friendly activities only like hiking through the rainforests in Corcovado National Park which is filled with 500+ tree species. Costa Rica’s friendly tourist policies also give the country an edge. The country is also home to some rare animal species such as howler monkeys, scarlet macaws, sloths, jaguars and tamandua anteaters.

  1. Fiji

Fiji is the world’s most friendly country. This attribute alone makes Fiji a very conducive environment for backpackers. Fiji also has unmatched rain forests, world-class beaches as well as word class scuba diving and snorkeling sites on the northern coast. Fiji also bursts with culture and history. Fiji stands out in many aspects for backpackers although the countless islands stand out the most. Islands like the Manta Ray and Beachcomber Islands are popular among backpackers interested in world class snorkeling and nightlife experiences respectively.

The above information summarizes the best places for backpackers to go in the world. Although there are many other great backpacking destinations around the world and backpacking preferences may vary depending on personal tastes, the above destinations are in a class of their own in regards to cost, scenery, adventure and tourist-friendly policies.


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