Top 10 Places to Visit in Spain

The Top 10 Cities to Visit in Europe
December 2, 2016

Spain is a country with a beautiful array of famous cities and places known around the world. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest places in the world that every traveler would adore. It is a favorite destination for people who are in search for a perfect holiday getaway that includes breath-taking scenery, finest tasting food and wine, vibrant nightlife, festivals and a one of a kind experience with locals. Apart from these, there is so much more that Spain can offer.

Spain is a country boasting with incredible landscapes, buildings, and remarkable spots that show parts of Spain’s history. The culture and way of life is also very well known to many parts of the world. Here are some of the best places to go to make your Spain experience a getaway to remember:


This famous city is packed with incredible landscapes, historic and more modern infrastructures, as well as display some of Spain’s most unique architectural designs. Some of these incredible structures include the Casa Batllo and the famous Sagrada Familia church designed by a well-renowned Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi.


Madrid, Spain’s capital city, is also the largest city. It is considered to be one of the most colorful cosmopolitan cities in Europe due to its diverse ethnicity. One of its most significant attractions is the Royal Palace of the Monarch of Spain. It is surrounded by plazas, such as the Puerta del Sol and the Plaza Manor, which is known for the San Miguel Market. Madrid is also known for its sizzling nightlife.

Santiago de Compostela

This city attracts thousands of visitors every year for its religious traditions and splendid history. Santiago de Compostela is the final destination of an important traditional pilgrimage, Camino de Santiago. The pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela is important to the Christians because it is believed that one of Jesus Christs’ disciples, St. James, is buried there.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is a sea-side city, idolized for its majestic beaches. It boasts Europe’s most spectacular beaches. Playa de la Concha is one of the most popular among tourists. The old town features many reconstructed historic building that date back to the 19th century, after the city was almost destroyed during the Napoleon Wars.

Seville, Spain

Seville is known for its exceptional and significant historic landmarks, such as the Grand Cathedral of Seville. Christopher Columbus is believed to be buried in the luxurious gardens of Real Alcazar, which is an extravagant Moorish palace.


Pamplona is famous for the annual “Running of the Bulls”, which is held during the Fiesta de San Fermin every July. Pamplona also houses the Museum of Navarra, which stores an impressive collection of Roman artifacts and mosaics, murals and Renaissance paintings.


Salamanca is best known for its culture and student atmosphere, as it houses one of Europe’s finest universities. This place is surrounded by breath-taking sandstone quarries from which many of the city’s buildings were built. With the glowing light, shining from the sandstone when hit by sunlight, Salamanca was given the nickname “The Golden City”.


Ibiza, known to many as the Spanish party island, is where a lot of celebrities and other party seekers flock to. It possesses stunning views of turquoise water and magnificent white sand. It has impressive architecture as well as beautiful coastlines. Ibiza has made the World Heritage list and popular cities for tourists coming to Spain.


Valencia is known as the City of Arts and Science. It houses several learning institutions, such as a science museum, aquarium and planetarium.

Santilla del Mar

Santilla del Mar is an aged town located in Cantabria, Spain. It’s historic buildings and cobblestone streets are lined with beautiful sandstone churches and ancestral homes. The town seems to have preserved its historic ambiance throughout time, which fascinates the tourists who visit.

Spain is a place that has so much to offer. It is a country blessed with beauty, amazing culture and remarkable history. Spain should be included as one of the top 10 places to visit on everyone’s travel list.


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